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Made of aluminum, my design wraps around the front edge of the gutter and is secured with screws. Since they are made from aluminum gutter material of the same color as your gutters,  they blend in well and are hardly noticeable from the ground.

These splash guards are installed on inside corners, or anywhere two roof lines meet to form a valley. My gutter splash guards are 4 inches tall and 24 inches long. For inside corner valley splash guards, each leg extends 12 inches in each direction.

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We install large gutter valley splash guards designed to prevent water from overshooting the gutters. The volume of water that flows down a roofs valley into a gutter is much greater than the volume of water that flows into the gutter from other sections of the roof.

When rain water overshoots the gutter, it falls to the ground close to the foundation, causing ground erosion, foundation problems and landscape damage.

Gutter Valley Splash Guards

Most gutter installers install insufficient splash guards or none at all. Steadman Rain Gutters manufactures our own unique design of valley splash guards. Our "Z" bend design wraps around the gutter front lip, which prevents water from seeping under the splash guard. 

In addition, we also install sealant in the corner where it attaches to the gutter. We take these extra steps so the water will stay in the gutter where it belongs.

Wise County Texas Gutter Service Areas Include:
Alvord, Aurora, Balsora, Boonsville, Boyd, Briar, Bridgeport, Chico, Cottondale, Decatur, Fort Worth,
Greenwood, Lake Bridgeport, New Fairview, Newark, Paradise, Pecan Acres, Rhome, Runaway Bay,
Slidell and surrounding areas.